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Brian has presented at industry events on various topics ranging from Enterprise Risk Management to Cybersecurity and Vendor Management.  With 20 years of experience and a unique brand of security leadership, he has the IT technical expertise to architect the tools to proof and manage the immediate security risks of an organization.  See below for upcoming events, a growing track record, and session highlights – and please fill out the contact form for speaking engagement inquiries.

Past Speaking Engagements

UN Cybersecurity Event Podgorica, Montenegro – Nov. 7-9, 2017

ISACA CACS Conference Accra, Ghana – Sept. 11-12, 2017

Nonprofit Risk Management Center Risk Summit – Sept 17-19, 2017

Credit Union Executive Society – 2016

Blackhat Executive Summit Scottsdale, AZ  – 2015

Session Highlight: CACS Africa 2017

What keeps us up at night? Cybersecurity in the Developing Nation

Brian Nesgoda – Chief Information Security Officer Sikorsky Financial Credit Union


Cyber threats and cybercrimes impact all of us. It is a global issue growing at an accelerating rate. How are developing nations affected? The increased threat of cyber-attacks puts the critical infrastructures and industrial control systems (ICS) of hospitals, utilities, transportation, communications and government agencies of developing nations at risk. Building resiliency into these systems is crucial for their availability. The emerging digital economies of developing nations are also at systemic risk from cyber-criminals. Rampant fraud or hacking attacks, for example, could crash a developing nation’s emerging digital economy. Widespread fraud could deter participants from using e-commerce which would negatively impact a growing economy. Simply, computer crime and hacking are a growing world problem which threaten the critical national infrastructure and emerging digital economies.


Where does a person, a company, or a government begin to combat these challenges? “I don’t know what I don’t know”.


Knowing the vendors of my vendor and the potential threats that may results from those relationships is one of the most difficult risks to identify. Add it to your risk assessment. The risk assessment is the fundamental pillar in the development of a cyber security program. Resources are often limited so focus more on the controls and less on the threats.


After completing this session, you will be able to:
  • Learn how they are affected by cyber-attacks
  • Learn how to develop a Cybersecurity Program
  • Know resources are available to address the threats
  • Learn about the emerging technologies that are changing how we implement security

Session Highlight: UNDP/FIRST Technical Colloquium 2017

Cloud-hosted (SAAS) Solutions

Brian Nesgoda – Chief Information Security Officer Sikorsky Financial Credit Union


This talk will go in-depth on Cloud-hosted (SAAS) solutions to create a centralized repository for the management and reporting of vendors and to ease the burden of regulatory compliance. Maturing security technologies include cloud security access brokers (CASB) and machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) solutions which enable us to extend controls into the cloud in ways never before possible.


Attendees will learn:
  • How vendor management is critical in building an effective cybersecurity program.
  • How to build an effective vendor management program
  • How CASB’s and other emerging technologies can improve the security of 3rd-pary vendors.

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