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The programs maximize the organizations investment dollars and available resources by reducing and often eliminating the need for increased employee head count.


◊ Assurance

The Assurance program is designed based on the needs of the organization and is customizable based on those unique requirements.


The program is best suited for organizations that currently require access to expert consultation and guidance on cybersecurity, risk management and technology best practices but may not need or have available resources to employ a full-time individual.


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  • Cybersecurity reviews of monitored threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Assist Management in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the risk landscape and risk profile of the organization.
  • Recommendations on actions to mitigate identified threats and vulnerabilities including industry best practices and technologies.
  • Project Engagements. (i.e. incident response development/testing, BCP development)
  • Risk assessment review and gap analysis to strengthen the system of internal controls.
  • On-Demand Trust Advisor Service
cybersecurity specialist


◊ Trust Advisor

The Trust Advisor Program provides an On-Demand virtual Chief Information Security Officer and/or Chief Risk Officer services to organizations.


The program is best suited to organizations who require dedicated expertise as well as hands-on management in the areas of Enterprise Risk Management and Cybersecurity.


How We Solve Your Problems


All Services listed under Assurance Program, plus the following;


Execute and Oversight of:

  • Cybersecurity Program-NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF)
  • Enterprise Risk Management Program
  • Stewardship of Vendor Management Program
  • Advocate liaison with Regulatory Examiners
  • Incident response team action advisor
  • Participation on Risk Committee meetings
    • GLBA Report creation
    • Enterprise IT Risk Assessment creation
    • NCUA ACET, FFIEC CAT or equivalent validation
IT risk management


◊ Partner

The Partner program provides full executive level engagement.


The program is best suited for organization that recognize the criticality of managing risk and wish to demonstrate their commitment with its inclusion in the organization strategic plan.


These organizations requiring complete management of the CISO and CRO function including strategic planning and presentations to the Senior Management team, Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors.


How We Solve Your Problems


All Services listed under Trust Advisor Program, Plus the following:


  • Scheduled Senior Management, Supervisory Committee and Board of Directors Advisory Consultation. Including;
    • Reporting on Cybersecurity, ERM and Technology
    • Participation in audits* and review of audit responses
    • Participation as CIO/CRO/CISO in Executive Strategic Planning Sessions

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A Holistic approach to Risk Management.

Black Swan Technologies converges all essential Cybersecurity Risk Management factors into customized structured programs for each client.



Effective governance begins with structure. Black Swan Technologies will create effective controls and framework for organizations to secure their success.



Risk Assessment is both the science and the art of determining risks, identifying threats, prioritizing actions, and implementing the correct response process.



Knowledge and guidance are provided to ensure the understanding of potential threats and the actions that should be taken in direct response.



A system of internal controls must be validated and gaps must be identified. Findings are communicated and remediation methods are recommended.

“We‘ve worked with Brian on several different client initiatives and his subject matter expertise in Enterprise Risk Management proved to be invaluable. He approached the engagements by focusing on strategic goals and drivers and using the language of business, not technical jargon, to simplify the decision-making process.


He not only right-sized the program but designed it to be scalable and future-proof which gained buy-in from stakeholders and ensured the program’s success.  I highly recommend Brian to any company wanting to make smarter business decisions and looking to simplify the management of risk.”

—Tom Rogers CEO, Vendor Centric

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