Black Swan Technologies utilizes a true holistic approach to security and can provide the third-party Information Security Assurance and be your Trust Advisor to eliminate compliance-driven pressures in a demanding regulated industry.


The Company’s experience spans expertise in Cybersecurity and Risk Management and the ability to identify and action top priorities.


Black Swan Technologies can help you make smarter security decisions.



Managing risk is hard. It’s difficult and stressful to know where to start, what to measure, how to prioritize and what to report.


Black Swan Technologies takes a risk-based approach and implements a strategy to establish and align your company’s exact risk tolerances and risk appetite with your strategic goals.


You’ll get experienced guidance to:

  • Identify, prioritize and report risks to the Board
  • Reduce regulatory and Compliance Burden
  • Maximize limited investment dollars
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What Keeps You Up At Night?


Cyber threats are increasing but resources and budgets are limited. How do you know you’re doing everything necessary to keep your company, customers and data secure?


Cybersecurity is not an IT issue, it is a business issue. Black Swan Technologies creates Cybersecurity Programs that are perfectly tailored to your unique and specific business needs and that maximize those resources in a way that is right for the organization.


Black Swan Technologies can address:

  • Your concern about data breaches and how to respond when one occurs
  • Your need to be compliant with new regulatory cybersecurity requirements
  • Your desire for the right size solution now that is scalable for the future
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Ever asked yourself, “Are my vendors protecting my confidential data?”


Knowing and understanding your vendor’s security controls is challenging. Knowing the vendors of your vendor is even more difficult. You may not know what questions to ask your vendors, but Black Swan Technologies does!


Vendor Management is a lifecycle process and critical to your organization’s Cybersecurity and Enterprise Risk Management programs. Black Swan Technologies will help you ask the right questions and get the right answers.


Black Swan Technologies can help you:

  • Find out if your vendors are securing your data
  • Simplify the Cybersecurity process and make it cost-effective
  • Clarify all aspects of Cybersecurity best practices

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Black Swan Technologies’ value proposition is to simplify the critical business function of risk management.

“Brian Nesgoda is focused on business results. His approach to Risk Management and Cybersecurity eliminates the “guess-work” and drives towards what is really important, achieving strategic goals. He is a valuable trust advisor.


100+ Million Asset Credit Union
—Stuart Philips, CEO UBIFCU, Bristol, CT

It’s no longer a case of IF but WHEN you will have a security incident.


Will you be ready?

Incident Response Programs are critical and this Incident Response Scenario Playbook will strengthen the skills you and your organization need to be prepared.


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