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Black Swan Technologies utilizes a true holistic approach to security and can provide the third-party Information Security Assurance and Due Diligence needed in a demanding regulated compliance-driven industry. Your company will be able to demonstrate that Due Care efforts have been taken to safeguard assets that will be recognized by Auditors and Examiners.

Our experience spans expertise in Cybersecurity and Risk Management and the ability to identify and action top priorities. This is fortified with IT technical expertise to architect the tools to future proof and manage the immediate risks of an organization.

Why Do You Need a Security Policy?  Who is responsible for securing an organization’s information?

Risk management is the ongoing process of identifying, assessing, and responding to risk. To manage risk, organizations need to understand the likelihood that an event will occur and the resulting impact. This information will determine the acceptable level of risk and will be expressed as their risk tolerance. Risk acceptance should be

a conscious, proactive decision, not a circumstance in which the enterprise finds itself because no conscious decision was made. Formal recognition of the remaining risk after the application of controls helps the organization develop a risk-aware culture and establishes the foundation of accountability.

Cybersecurity Programs tailored to fit your unique and specific needs.

Cybersecurity is not an IT issue, it is a business issue.  Governance starts with structure. Building cybersecurity programs is what we do and we know that one size does not fit all. Building a cybersecurity program requires an investment in time and resources.

We’ll leverage industry best practice frameworks and customize a solution that maximizes those resources and is right for your organization.

We’ll teach you how to manage your vendor relationships and make sure everyone stays in alignment.  Vendor Management is a lifecycle process and critical to your organizations cybersecurity and Enterprise risk management programs.

You can’t have a strong Cybersecurity program without a strong Vendor Management program.  You are only as strong as your weakest link. Knowing and understanding your vendors security controls is challenging. Knowing the vendors of your vendor is even more difficult.

We will build a process that enables you to understand the risks, and identify the gaps and develop action steps to adhere to your organizations risk tolerances.

It’s no longer a case of IF but WHEN.

Will you be ready?

It’s no longer a case of IF but WHEN you will have a security incident. Incident Response Programs are critical and this Incident Response Scenario Playbook will strengthen the skills you and your organization need to be prepared.  


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